Professor Winnie Fung


Winnie FungWhat subjects do you teach? Economics

Where did you go to college/university? Harvard University (Applied Math major)

What were your interests as a college student? Organizing events for ethnic student organizations (e.g. dim sum run, karaoke night)

Favorite spot on campus: Any place where I get to hang out with students!

Free time activities or hobbies: Reading, hiking

What do you like about Wheaton? Wonderful community. Many opportunities for students to explore their interests both inside and outside the classroom and to grow in their faith.

Describe Wheaton students in three words: Sincere, hardworking, fun-loving

If you weren’t a professor, what would you be? Criminal psychologist

What is one project you are working on now? Studying the short and long-term health and economic effects of prenatal blood testing laws.

A book or movie you recently enjoyed and why: Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It got me daydreaming about Heaven!

A book or author you recommend: Chinese martial arts novels (but these are in Chinese…)

What have you learned from your students? Humility. Curiosity. Dare to dream for His Kingdom.

What advice do you have for students? Don’t be afraid to try out things that you haven’t tried before.

Memorable “Dine with a Mind” experience: Every single one of them. I really appreciate students spending time with us, the professors. I totally recommend every student to do this often.

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