Raymond Osuchukwu


Raymond Osuchukwu

M.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies

Where did you grow up?

Owerri, Nigeria

Why did you choose Wheaton for your graduate education?

I was encouraged by my wife Rose who did her graduate studies here many years ago through the BGC Scholarship program. I learned from her a lot of good things about the College, especially the opportunity for missionaries to study here through the BGC Scholarship award program. I heard about the practical and Spirit filled method of teaching and how Wheaton College is a renowned Evangelical Christian college here in the US.

What type of ministry experiences have you had in the past?

For ten years, I worked with the Christian Students Association of Poland (ChSA-IFES POLAND) which is a sister movement of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship here in the US, as the international students’ ministry co-coordinator across Poland. This involved counseling and pastoral care for international students, organizing evangelistic programs and conferences, training of student-leaders and also providing projects to integrate international students with Polish (Christian) families.

About five years ago the Lord led my wife and I into church planting and pastoring ministry in Poland, which led to the birth of Victory in Jesus Church in 2004 in Lodz (the second largest city in Poland after Warsaw). Our ministry involves reaching out, teaching and caring for, not only the students, but to people of all ages and in all works of life in Poland and beyond. Around two years ago, by the grace of God, we planted the second church in another city Wroclaw, Poland. We attempted the third and the fourth in other cities in Poland, but they did not materialize at the time; I guess because we were not very prepared to handle them then, but we have not given up. (So far I’ve been involved in full-time active ministry in Poland for about 15 years).

What are the goals or dreams that God has given you for the future?

To plant (establish) more churches in other cities in Poland and in other countries of the world including the USA.

With the help of the learning from Wheaton College, I plan in the future to start a Bible School to further train and Biblically equip pastors, Christian leaders, as well as the laity for the work of the ministry.

What is your favorite place on campus?

Blanchard Lawn facing Blanchard Hall, beginning with the nicely constructed structure (well illuminated and surrounded by nicely cut flowers- plants) bearing the inscription: "Wheaton College, For Christ and His Kingdom" with trees and well-cared for sweet-grasses creating a very beautiful sight for relaxation on the sitting benches. Also, the Billy Graham Center Museum showing his evangelistic campaign across the nations and the great response of hundreds of thousands of souls coming to Christ; there’s really an awesome sense of God’s presence, calmness and peace as one goes through the Museum, a very favorite place indeed in the campus.

What are you learning in the classroom or outside the classroom, as a student at Wheaton?

I’m learning to read much (with lots of reading assignments) to help expose me and bring depth into various subjects. Also, I’m learning how to better understand and interpret the Bible, especially the Old Testament, through the knowledge of the culture of the original audience -the Israelites (from the ancient near eastern backgrounds among whom God’s people lived). Hence, the importance of first finding what the author/writer of a given passage of the scripture (both Old and New Testaments) meant for his original audience and then how it applies to all other peoples in general. Outside the classroom here in Wheaton, I’m continuing to learn how to play the piano (which I started last year in Poland) taking a weekly private lesson sponsored by one of my American Christian family friends.

Why would you recommend WCGS to a friend?

I highly commend Wheaton College for maintaining Biblical Christian faith all these 150 years of its existence. There is a very good and friendly atmosphere of love, respect and acceptance for everyone, both within the college, and around Wheaton-with people and students smiling and greeting one another whether or not they knew each other; you just sense/feel welcomed. Also, Wheaton is a place of renown educational excellence as students are taught well in their different fields by well-qualified and Bible believing lecturers.

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