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As a part of our mission to build the church and benefit society worldwide, the Wheaton community is one that stretches around the globe, engaging cultures through missions and academics. As our second president, Charles Blanchard stated “the College can have no joy unless those whom it instructs become powers in the world, working for righteousness.”

Wheaton's first missionaries graduated in 1873, serving in Greece and Mexico.  Today, wherever you go, Wheaton Alumni are serving worldwide, caring for the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of other nations through ministry, business, medicine, teaching, and a host of other professions.

Wheaton’s first student-run missions trip was in 1958 to Central America, and now, 50 years later, students have the opportunity to serve in more than 60 countries through missions and service projects as well as academic programs. Wheaton faculty and students participate in research and study abroad programs in locations across Latin America, the Middle East and Europe, and our HNGR Program offers internships in the developing world to as many as thirty students each year.


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