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WORK: Curse or Calling?

An exhibition sponsored by Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA), brings together the work of 31 artists and 37 artworkds from 13 states across North America.  This exhibition explores a delightful range of responses to the initial "call for work" and offers the viewer meaningful encounters with a truly germane topic: the meaning and purpose of work.  Showcasing innovative approaches to materials and images, WORK: Curse or Calling? should pique curiosity and spark dialogue.

The artworks differ in appearance, media, concept, and genre, just as we creatures are differentiated by "appearance, personality, and gifts." Genres run the gamut from abstract to representational, with representation in media from oil, encaustic, etching, resin, metals, pencil, pen and ink, acrylic, mixed media, digital and silver print photography, aqueous media, to time-based media.  Each work of art touches, in some way, the concept of work here presented in double entendres, uncanny juxtapositions, mysterious landscapes, or still life in their silent frames of flat or receding spaces.  Some artists examine historical images of work; others push conventional boundaries; still others consider the spiritual, social, and familial meaning of work.  Others consider work "on the job" in a variety of fields including missions and art making.


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