Ministry with Children and Families Concentration


Concentration Overview

The Ministry with Children and Families concentration is designed for those interested in the Christian formation of children (birth to age 12) and families (of various sizes and structures). Grounded in principles from Scripture and drawing on theories of Christian formation, the role and value of children and families within the faith community is a main focus. This concentration helps prepare students to be an effective children's minister or family minister in a local church, or engage in a wide variety of ministries related to children and family in other contexts.

Program Requirements

Requirements for the Christian Formation and Ministry (CFM) program leading to a Master of Arts degree consist of the successful completion of 42 semester hours, a comprehensive examination, and a capstone project or internship. 

Students pursuing the Ministry with Children and Families concentration are required to take the 24 hours of core CFM courses plus an additional 18 hours (see below).

Planning Sheet | Course Sequencing Chart | Candidacy Form

Core Courses (24)

  • CFM 512  Bible in Ministry (2)
  • CFM 513  History & Philosophy of Ministry (4)
  • CFM 514  Ministry in Culture (2)
  • CFM 515  Human Development & Research for Ministry (4)
  • CFM 516  Teaching for Transformation (4)
  • CFM 521  Personal Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 522  History and Traditions of Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 681  Comprehensive Exam (0)
  • CFM 691  Concentration Mentoring Group (0)
  • All graduate students are required to complete a theological studies requirement of 6 semester hours. For CFM students in the Ministry with Children and Families concentration, this consists of CFM 512 plus another 4 elective hours. 

Ministry with Children and Families (18)

  • CFM 531  Curriculum Development (2)
  • CFM 532  Discipleship (2)
  • CFM 534  Care & Counsel in Ministry (2)
  • CFM 551  Child Development and Spirituality (4)
  • CFM 611  Ministry with Families (2)
  • CFM 621  Ministry with Children (4)
  • CFM 692  Ministry with Children and Families Final Project (2

Final Project

The final project within the concentration may be either a thesis/applied thesis (698), creative project (692), or internship (696). Up to four hours of electives within the concentration may be taken through independent study courses. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not be applied to the degree requirements. For courses offered only on a pass/fail basis, two hours of pass/fail credit may be applied to the degree with approval of the department chair.

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