Outdoor and Adventure Leadership Concentration


Concentration Overview

The Outdoor and Adventure Leadership concentration is designed for current camp ministry professionals, as well as for those looking for excellent training to launch them into this career field. Students will live and work at HoneyRock, the Northwoods Campus and Camp of Wheaton College.  Students can apply for one of the graduate coordinator roles or a variety of seasonal staff positions. Employment in either of these ways is a critical part of the program as it provides the context for integrating coursework into real ministry. Students are also required to live at HoneyRock as part of the ministering camp community. Special permission to live off campus may be approved by the program coordinator.

Program Requirements

Requirements for the Christian Formation and Ministry (CFM) program leading to a Master of Arts degree consist of the successful completion of 42 semester hours, a comprehensive examination, and a final project. 

Students pursuing the Outdoor and Adventure Leadership concentration are required to take the 24 hours of core CFM courses plus an additional 18 hours (see below).

Planning Sheet | Course Sequencing Chart | Candidacy Form

Core Courses (24)

  • CFM 512  Bible in Ministry (2)
  • CFM 513  History & Philosophy of Ministry (4)
  • CFM 514  Ministry in Culture (2)  
  • CFM 516  Teaching for Transformation (4)
  • CFM 517  Developmental Theory and Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 518  Research Methods for Ministry (2)
  • CFM 521  Personal Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 522  History and Traditions of Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 681  Comprehensive Exam (0)
  • CFM 691  Concentration Mentoring Group (0)
  • All graduate students are required to complete a theological studies requirement of 6 semester hours. For CFM students, this consists of CFM 512 plus a 4-hour course from the Category I listing in the Graduate School section of this catalog.  

Outdoor and Adventure Leadership (18)

  • CFM 563  The Church and Outdoor Ministry (4)
  • CFM 564  Adventure Challenge Education (4) - or - CFM 664  Wilderness Programming and Leadership (4)
  • CFM 662  Theology and Practice of Outdoor Adventure Leadership (4)
  • CFM 663  Leadership Development in Outdoor Adventure Leadership (4)
  • Outdoor Ministry Leadership Final Project (2)



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