Christian Formation and Ministry


Requirements for the Christian Formation and Ministry program leading to a Master of Arts degree consist of the successful completion of 42 semester hours, a comprehensive examination, and a final project. Students are required to complete 24 hours of core courses plus an additional 18 hours in a specified area of concentration.

Core Courses (24)

  • CFM 512  Bible in Ministry (2)
  • CFM 513  History & Philosophy of Ministry (4)
  • CFM 514  Ministry in Culture (2)
  • CFM 516  Teaching for Transformation (4)
  • CFM 517  Developmental Theory and Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 518  Research Methods for Ministry (2)
  • CFM 521  Personal Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 522  History and Traditions of Spiritual Formation (2)
  • CFM 681  Comprehensive Exam (0)
  • CFM 691  Concentration Mentoring Group (0)
  • BITH ----  Theological Studies Requirement (TSR) (4)

All graduate students are required to complete a theological studies requirement of 6 semester hours. For CFM students, this consists of CFM 512 plus a 4-hour course from the Category I listing in the Graduate School section of this catalog. Students are also required to complete a zero-credit comprehensive exam and a zero-credit Mentoring Group in their area of concentration.

A final project is required. Up to four hours of electives within the concentration may be taken through independent study courses. Courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not be applied to the degree requirements. For courses offered only on a pass/fail basis, two hours of pass/fail credit may be applied to the degree with approval of the department chair.


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