Engelman Family Missions Scholarship



The Engelman Family Missions Scholarship Fund (Scholarship) provides the opportunity for future Christian leaders to experience a missions paradigm that emphasizes wholistic ministry through partnerships that transform local cultures. The Scholarship recipient (intern) will be exposed to a local church model of the unified body of Christ working creatively in networks facilitated by the International Sports Coalition (ISC) movement, serving and emplowering indegenous churches. (see Missions Values and Practices).

The Intern will participate in ministry with other lay "transformed people transforming our world." The program will feature the universal interest of sports as a platform for, and a channel into, local cultures as a catalyst for a broad range of transformational ministries. It is important to declare that this is a working internship with an academic discipline.

The Scholarship will also encourage and fund presentations in Wheaton College (Wheaton) classes, chapel and conferences by Christian world leaders who are contributing partners of the ISC movement.

The Internship

A Wheaton student will be selected to invest in a directed missions internship typically for a period of three months. The Scholarship generally will provide, not to exceed 50% of the internship budget (i.e. travel to and from Carlsbad, auto, room and board, and overseas missions trip expenses), with the balance supplied by the Intern, North Coast Calvary Chapel (NCCC( and possibly other participating Christian organizations. In addition, the Scholarship will provide a $3,000 merit award towards the Intern's Wheaton tuition upon successful completion of the internship. In the field, the Intern will follow a prescribed ministry program under the direction of the NCCC Missions (Missions) and NCCC Ministry Through Sorts (MTS). A Wheaton academic program will include the appropriate study and reporting for independent study credits.

Most of the field work will take place at NCCC in Carlsbad, California, located in North County San Diego. The Intern will participate in local missions programs, including KidsGames, EdgeGames, MaxCamps and International Sports Leadership Training (ISLT). In addition, there will be preparation for joining a team that will be sent on a two week mission serving trip to one of Mission's partners. The Intern will also have the opportunity to interact with local ministries, such as homeless, surfing, FCA, YoungLife, hospital chaplaincy, military and urban, as well as exposure to visiting foreign missionaries. The program will include mentoring in the philosophy and operations of NCCC and the Missions program.

An Intern who has successfully completed the three month program would be eligible for a longer term serving mission at NCCC or one of the Mission's partners at home or abroad. The longer term experience could include ISLT training of one or three months and/or an extended serving ministry with a Mission's partner in the field.

Selection Guidelines

Wheaton undergraduates (who have completed two years of academic credit in residence) and graduate students may apply for the Scholarship. An appropriate application form will be provided. Completed applications must be turned in to Sarah Crose in the Center for Vocation and Career or emailed to Sarah.Crose@wheaton.edu. Applications may be submitted any time during the year, but the selection committee will consider those applicants who have filed by March 1. Wheaton will post the Scholarship throughout the school year and will publicize the filing deadline beginning January 15.

Applicants from all major fields of study will be considered. Recommendations from Wheaton professors, church pastors, para-church leaders and other Christian references should accompany the application. Special consideration will be given to the applicant's history of volunteer Christian service.

The application should list all church, para-church, missions and community ministry experiences. Also, the applicant should describe current campus, church, para-church or other Christian ministry affiliations. Given the nature of the internship program, the applicant should emphasize past and present involvement in sports, recreation, camping and youth ministry. The application will ask for a detailed report and the personal spiritual impact of any local or foreign missions experience. Each applicant will provide a personal Christian testimony and a written declaration of his/her interest in this internship.

A selection committee will consist of the Wheaton academic representative (Sponsor), Missions and/or MTS directors and a representative(s) of the Engelman family. Selected applicants will be chosen for an interview before the final Intern is chosen. AMemorandum of Understanding will include liability waivers, medical insurance, financial arrangements, transportation, and room and board. All parties will agree and adhere to the Wheaton Statement of Faith. The Intern will be bound by the Wheaton Covenant.

Other Scholarship Fund Resources

In addition to the mentors available to the Intern, the Scholarship will provide Wheaton with Christian world leaders for presentations at classes, chapel and conferences as requested. The Scholarship will fund the expenses and honorariums of these speakers who are contributing partners to the world wide network of the ISC. This is all in the realm of local and global missions in the paradigm ofwholistic ministry through partnerships that transform local cultures by empowering the local church. Wheaton will designate academic and staff coordinators to facilitate the intent of this preference.

Wheaton Contribution

The designation of a Wheaton Sponsor and supporting staff is foundational to the implementation of the program. The Sponsor will be a member of the selection committee and contribute to a curriculum guideline that will enable the Intern to earn independent study academic credit. The Sponsor might also be one of the coordinating sources for the other scholarship fund resources.

See the Internship Application.

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