Beakers and flasks


The Chemistry Department at Wheaton College serves a wide variety of students who require various levels of education in chemical principles and experimental skills. The department is dedicated to excellence in teaching at every level of our curriculum incorporating the latest ideas and methods and engaging students in the process of scientific inquiry.


We recognize that students have a broad array of learning styles, and, therefore, we focus considerable effort and resources on classroom lectures, laboratory courses and various research projects that give students an opportunity to do independent research with a faculty member. Faculty research is supported by the College and by external funding agencies.

The chemistry program offers courses for students who plan to major in the physical or life sciences as well as courses that are designed to help students develop scientific literacy and a working knowledge of various chemical issues. The Department of Chemistry offers general education credit in Applications of Chemistry, Drugs and Society, Theories of Origins, and General Chemistry.

Chemistry has a long, distinguished history at Wheaton College. The chemistry major has been offered since 1905 and our program has been continually certified by the American Chemical Society since 1948. The ACS also certifies the department in biochemistry. The chemistry major prepares students for graduate studies in chemistry and allied areas, for entry into health professions, for work in industry and government, for business in technical areas, and for teaching at the secondary level. The mastery of analytical and problem-solving techniques provides an excellent basis for a wide range or service, management and leadership roles in society.

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