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There are a variety of opportunities available to you as a student in the Chemistry department at Wheaton, including research with faculty, help finding internships, job placement and honors and awards.



The faculty of the Chemistry Department at Wheaton College are involved in a variety of research projects that give students an opportunity to do independent research in collaboration with a faculty member. Faculty research is supported by the College and by external funding agencies.

Dan BurdenStudents who have participated in research are also invited to present their work in a Science Division student poster session held each fall. Additionally, the chemistry department seminars features both student, faculty and guest speakers each year. Opportunities also exist to travel to local or national meetings to present research.

Many chemistry graduates continue developing their research careers by enrolling in graduate programs in chemistry and allied fields.

National ACS Meeting in Denver Spring 2015


The department runs a regular Summer Research Program with several faculty and students for a ten-week period, with free housing and a stipend provided for students.

The geographical location of Wheaton provides a rich resource for links with government research centers (Argonne National Laboratory >>, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory >>), major universities and industrial research facilities.

Overseas internships are also possible, including a chemistry-oriented experience in the HNGR (Human Needs and Global Research) Program.

Job Placement

Job placement help for chemistry students can be found at Wheaton College's Center for Vocation and Career.

Honors and Awards

The Chemistry Department offers a departmental honors program for majors which requires four hours of honors course work and four hours of research credit (495) including a thesis.

To honor current outstanding chemistry majors, one sophomore, one junior and two senior students are chosen to receive internal awards. Included are the Nelson Award and the Wright Award, in honor of two former Wheaton College Chemistry Department Faculty.

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