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The Conservatory of Music functions both as a professional school with courses leading to the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Music Education degrees, and as a department of the College, offering courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Music.


The Conservatory seeks to bring each of its students to an intellectual understanding of the theoretical, historical, and stylistic aspects of musical practice; to relate each of these to the vast literature of music; and to demand the highest level possible of technical and artistic achievement in performance, composition, and teaching. Most importantly the Conservatory seeks to undertake this task in the light of a biblical perspective which describes the making of music as an act of worship and service, calls for excellence as the norm of stewardship, and relates all of human creativity to the Creatorhood of God.

Moreover, the Conservatory recognizes its obligation to provide every Wheaton College student with an opportunity to hear, understand, and participate in music making; to be an advocate for musical excellence in the surrounding community and to offer preparatory programs which will contribute to the stewardship of their abilities.

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