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The Conservatory of Music is a department of the Division of Arts and Communication at Wheaton College.


You can apply online to the Conservatory for a Bachelor of Music or a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Those wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in music should request a Wheaton College application to the Liberal Arts College. The deadline for Conservatory applications is January 10 for the following academic year.

In addition to the requirements for college admission, the following is required for all Conservatory applicants: an audition, one Professional Musician Reference, and a Music Information Profile (in which the applicant details specifics about training and experience). Those interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music are admitted on the same basis as other Liberal Arts applicants, without the Music Information Profile, Professional Musician Reference, or the audition. Current students wishing to transfer to or from a Conservatory of Music degree program must be performing satisfactorily in their current major and must have completed at least one semester before making application to the Dean.

Candidates for a Conservatory degree program must complete the Music Information Profile, submit one Professional Musician Reference, and arrange an audition. Bachelor of Arts in Music students who are currently taking private lessons through the Conservatory may, with prior arrangement, use their private lesson jury as an audition.

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