Men's Glee Club

Truth. Integrity. Brotherhood. These are the core values that comprise Wheaton’s only all male choral ensemble.


The Men’s Glee Club is an experience steeped in tradition; now in its 108th year, the ensemble continues to provide audiences both local and abroad (most recently to France in 2012) a unique combination of Christian witness, musical vitality, and esprit de corps. Whether it be a lively spiritual, a Bach motet, a Russian hymn, a catchy secular song or a much loved anthem of the Christian tradition, the Glee Club’s musical diversity will be sure to have something for everyone.

The Glee Club has recently sung for the Greater St. Louis Area Prayer Breakfast, ILMEA conference and Chicago area schools. During spring break, March, 2016, the Club traveled to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for their tour.

Dr. Mary Hopper, director

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