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Special Education Team Researches Quality of Life for Families with a Child with an Intellectual Disability

Thomas Boehm, the Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Education, is leading a team of researchers gathering data on the quality of life for families that have a son or daughter with an intellectual disability. The study will survey hundreds of families in Illinois and in Tennessee with questions about family life, life stressors, social relationships, and religious life. Dr. Eric Carter of Vanderbilt is providing guidance while Professor Boehm leads the research team on Wheaton's campus.

This is a particular area of interest to Professor Boehm and builds on his passion to support families and faith communities who have children with intellectual disability. Mark Hiben, an MAT candidate, and Maddie Hazel, an English/Secondary Education teacher candidate, are assisting in the project as data is gathered over the summer months. If interested in viewing or responding to the actual survey, or if you want more information, click here

Teach Like a Champion? Why Not Teach Like a Novice!

Effective teaching is based on many factors, including teacher characteristics, student motivation, content relevancy. In short, being a world class teacher is a complex and challenging act. But Dr. Jon Eckert has provided a helpful resource for this important work. His book The Novice Advantage: Fearless Practice for Every Teacher was recently released by Corwin and appears to be well received by new and also experienced educators. He argues that novices, with an openness to growth and a willingness to take risks, should reflect on and then revise practices that will help students learn more effectively, rejecting the ones that don't enhance learning. His examples, are based on missteps in his own teaching career and are also speckled with the experiences of alumni from Wheaton's teacher education program and other colleagues from the K-12 world. If interested in improving your skills as a teacher, this text includes many proven ideas. 


Special Education Endorsement Offered by Wheaton College

The Wheaton Teacher Education program now offer the courses leading to a special education endorsement that can be added to an initial Illinois teaching license.  In the 2014-15 academic year, the Education Department was successful in a national search to fill the position of Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Special Education. Thomas Boehm was recruited and hired and more information about him is found on his webpage. Feel free to contact him for more information about this endorsement or to discuss meeting the needs of learners with disabilities.

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