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Wheaton College and School Dist. 200 Participate in Teach to Lead Summit in Washington, DC.

Dr. Jon Eckert, Associate Professor of Education, and McKenna Fitzharris, junior Elementary Education major, recently attended an education summit sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education in Washington DC, Nov. 3-4, 2016. Meg Bostrom, a 1991 Wheaton Education graduate and current Math Coach at Whittier Elementary in the Wheaton/Warrenville School District, along with Dr. Robert Rammer, Assistant Superintendent of District 200, completed the collaborative group. The team's project was entitled "WheTeach: Learning, Leading, and Improving," which focused on ways to increase the support for new teacher through a strong partnership between the Wheaton College Education Department and Community Unit District 200. The team participated in brain storming sessions, utilized a logic model, and heard lectures and panel discussions from speakers include the U.S. Secretary of Education, John King, the Senior Policy Advisor Ruthanne Buck, and the Undersecretary of Education, Ted Mitchell. Feedback on the project was provided by a representative of CAEP, the accreditation organization for teacher education programs, and by a representative of the American Institute for Research. Wheaton College and District 200 will continue to collaborate in the preparation of strong teacher candidates. 

Wheaton College Math Secondary Education Alumni Earns Teacher of the Month Award

Steve McIlrath, '93 graduate of Wheaton College, was just named as the Teacher of the Month by WGN, Chicago. He teaches math in creative ways to his students at Austin College and Career Academy on the west side of Chicago. Since beginning his teaching career at Austin Community High School, he has challenged students' math phobias and lack of confidence and connected with the families of his students by moving near the school. Mr. McIlrath has also researched school choice in Chicago and co-authored an article on the topic. WGN has posted a video of an interview with "Mr. Mac", as he is known by his students, including some of his creative teaching techniques, involving rhyme and choreography. 

Interested in Student Teaching Abroad in 2018 or 2019?

The Wheaton College Teacher Education Program offers many diverse settings for the student teaching practicum completed during one's final year in the program. One of these options relates to international placements. This requires a separate application and a screening process during the spring semester. An informational meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 at 10:30 am in BL 455. Questions will be answered by those who just returned from these unique placements and from others preparing for fall, 2017 international placements. On-line applications through GEL will be due January 27, 2017.

Krista Schuh and her cooperating teacher in Thailand, Sept. 2016

Teach Like a Disciple, by Dr. Lederhouse, Now Available

Dr. Lederhouse, Professor of Education, recently completed her latest book for Christian educators. The subtitle captures the essence of this volume: Exploring Jesus' Instructive Relationships from an Educational Perspective. Each chapter focuses on a student type, specific students reflecting particular characteristics. While the intended audience is P-12 educators, Dr. Lederhouse's background in special education makes her uniquely attuned to how Christ related with diverse and often marginalized individuals.

This book took shape during a recent sabbatical, and follows the publication of her first book, Life Lessons through a Teacher's Eyes (2008). She notes what we can learn from Jesus' example, from our interactions with students, and from our colleagues, whether serving in public or private Christian schools The loving relationships she encourages counters much of the impersonal nature of test-driven schooling found in many schools today. 

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