English Major with Teaching Concentration


The English Major with Teaching Concentration prepares students to be proficient in the skills of reading closely, thinking critically, writing clearly, and speaking precisely and become competent teachers who can instruct others in the acquisition of these foundational literacy skills.

The curriculum includes the reading of significant texts (both canonical and non-canonical) from many genres, periods, and cultures, as well as preparation for effective teaching. In all of their coursework, students are encouraged to consider how they can implement what they learn in their own classrooms. The Teaching Concentration is for students who love reading, thinking, writing, speaking, and learning to such a degree that they envision themselves helping others to love those things as well. Such students are encouraged to see their course work as preparation for a Christian vocation in the teaching of English.

 In addition to the 40 hours in English, students must also meet specific certification requirements. See the Education Department section of the catalog for additional information.


Note:  These are new requirements that will apply to incoming new majors effective Fall 2013.  Please contact us at English.edu if you have questions.


Foundational Courses - 8 hours

  ENGL  215 Classical and Early British Literature (4)
  ENGL 226 Topical Seminar (4)
Teaching Concentration students must sign up for this Shakespeare-related seminar.
If a Teaching Concentration is declared after the student has already taken the Topical Seminar, then the student must take the Shakespeare figure course (ENGL 384) to meet this requirement.
Open to other major concentrations as space allows.

Historical Framework - 16 hours

8 hours in Post-1800 British or world literature (350-370 range)
  ENGL 355 Romantic (Recommended)
  ENGL 361 Victorian (Recommended)
  ENGL 364 British Modernism: 1900 to 1939
  ENGL 365 British Literature after 1939
8 hours in American Literature
(Courses must be from two different periods)
  ENGL 341 American Literatue: Beginnings to Romanticism
  ENGL 342 American Literature: Realism to Modernism
  ENGL 343 American Literature After 1945

Teaching Concentration - 16 Hours

Topical courses required for certification
  ENGL 285  Topics in Global Literature (2)
Offered every semester.
  ENGL 327 Adolescent Literature (2)
Offered in spring semester.
  ENG 271 History of the English Language (2)
Offered in in alternate years in spring semester.
  ENGL 375 Women Writers
  ENGL 379 African American Literature
Methods / Pedagogy
  ENG 324 Methods of Teaching English (2)
Offered in fall semester.
  ENGW 471 Composition Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy (4)
Offered in spring semester.
Senior Seminar
  ENGL 494 Senior Seminar
Offered every semester.

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