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Ancient Languages


The Ancient Language major may include courses in Hebrew and Latin, but has as its primary focus proficiency in Greek. The major strives to foster in students a greater awareness and appreciation of the languages and culture of the ancient world with a primary emphasis on translation and understanding of its texts.

Although some classes are required in common, students may choose to take courses that focus on the biblical texts of the Old and New Testaments and/or works of classical Greco-Roman literature. Upon completing the major students should be able to read texts with relative ease and to do advanced exegesis and where appropriate. 

In addition to encouraging students to master the languages, we wish to stimulate them to grasp concepts and shape their own, to ask significant questions and to seek answers to them, to develop original ideas, to become intellectually self-motivated, and to give great attention to accuracy in the use and interpretation of their languages.

A Brief History of Greek and Hebrew in the Teaching Curriculum of Wheaton College

In honor of Professor Emeritus Gerald F. Hawthorne, long-time teacher of Greek at Wheaton College (1958-1995), Dr. Karen Jobes and her assistant Charlie Trimm have compiled a short history of the role of Greek and Hebrew teaching here at Wheaton from the earliest days of the college up through the present. 

A Brief History of the Place of Greek Language & Literature in the Curriculum of Wheaton College (PDF)

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