Alan Savage, Ph.D.



Professor of French
On Faculty since 1994

Office: Wyngarden 305
Phone: (630)752-5793


University of Chicago

Ph.D., French

M.A., French

Vanderbilt University

B.A. summa cum laude

Majors: French and Russian

About Alan Savage

Dr. Savage's interests include literature, travel, and cinema.

Courses Taught

  • French 103: Accelerated Elementary French
  • French 332: French Composition
  • French 346: Masterpieces of Literature to 1800
  • French 334: French Film 
  • French 432: Advanced Grammar/Stylistics 
  • French 494: Senior Seminar: Literary Theory and Early Twentieth-Century Novel

Membership in Professional Societies

  • NACFLA (North American Association of Christian Foreign Language and Literature Teachers) 
  • American Association for Teachers of French 
  • Société Française de l’Etude du XVIe Siècle 
  • Sixteenth Century Studies Society 
  • Modern Language Association


  • Huguenot Literature of Sixteenth Century
  • Advanced Composition/Stylistics
  • Language Pedagogy

Papers Published and/or Presented


Grammaire Pratique du Fancais Ecrit, by Alan Savage and Sylvie Garnier. Paris: Ophrys, forthcoming 2009.

Agrippa d’Aubigné’s Meditations sur les Pseaumes. (Studies in Reformed Theology and History, no. 8), Princeton: Princeton Theological Seminary, 2002.

“Un Entretien avec Paul Ricoeur.” Trans. Ellyn Lockerbie Grosh. Christianity and Literature 51 (Summer 2002):631-660.

“Slaughter, Mayhem & Providence.” Christian History 71 (2001)28-30.

“Langage de Canaan’: Human and Divine Communication in the Preface to d’Aubigné’s Meditations sur les Pseaurnes.” The Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages 1 (2000):75-86.

McLean, Alice Musick and Alan Savage. “Surveying the Survey Course: A Practical Guide.” The French Review 74:4 (March 2001);758-769. (Won the Morot-Sir Prize for best article on pedagogy for the year 2001.)

“D’Aubigné’s Devil: A Poetics of Evil.” Romance Language Annual Xl (2000): 116-120.

“Pour Une Definition de la nouvelle au XVIe siècle: La Representation du discours d’autrui.” Romance Languages Annual X (1999):153-156.

On y va! Practice Software. Co-authored with K. M. Pederson. Boston; Heinle&Heinle, 1997.

Allons-y! Electronic Study Guide. Co-authored with K. M. Pederson. Boston; Heinle & Heinle, 1996. 

“Go Ye Into All the World: The Christian Student’s Dialog With Other Cultures.” NACFLA Proceedings Journal 6 (1996):76-86.

“L’Histoire Orale des Huguenots,” Corpus: Revue de Philosophie 28 (1995):91-102.

Frank Lestringant, “The Crisis of Cosmology at the End of the Renaissance.” Trans. Alan Savage. Humanism in Crisis: the Decline of the French Renaissance. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1991.


"Mais on ne m'avait jamais expliqué cela!": Pour une grammaire explicite de l'écrit dans les cours de niveau avancé, Colloque "Enseigner les sturctures langagières en FLE", Bruxelles, March 2008.

"Another Jesus in Montreal? Jean-Marc Vallée's C.R.A.Z.Y.", NACFLA Conference, Calvin College, March 2008.

"Rosetta: A Christian Film?", NACFLA Conference, Asbury College, March 2007.

"Food, Foxes and the Forging of a Social Identity: The Dardenne Brothers' Rosetta", Midwest Modern Language Association, October 2006.

“Those Singing Huguenots: Sixteenth-century French Protestant Hymnody,” Humanities Brown Bag Series, Wheaton College, January 27, 2006.

“Popular Theology in Popular Music in France and the US; A Comparison of Amy Grant and Celine Dion.” Colloquium on the Role of Religion in Differentiating the Contemporary US from Europe, Wheaton College, November 2003.

“Singing the Kingdom of God in the Chansonnier Huguenot.” NACFLA Conference, Azusa Pacific University, April 2003.

“The Symbolic Value of Singing in the Chansonnier Huguenot.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Denver, October 2001.

“The Contours of Protestant Identity in Early Modern France.” Midwest Conference on Christianity and Literature, Chicago, March 2001.

Cinéma Vérité: On Teaching French Film.” NACFLA Conference, Point Loma Nazarene University, April 2000.

Manuscript reviews for publishers

Referee for French literature articles for Journal of Christianity and Literature, 2000-present.

Book Review of Le Livre évangélique en France avant Calvin, by Jean-François Gilmont, for the Sixteenth Century Review, XXXVIII: 1 (2007): 160-161.

Book review of La Génération Marot, ed. Gerard Defaux, for the Sixteenth Century Review, forthcoming

Book review of Webs Of Allusion, by Allison Smith, for the Sixteenth Century Review XXXVI: 1 (2005):223-225.

Book review of Ronsard, Petrarch, and the Amours, by Sara Sturm-Maddox, for the Sixteenth Century Review XXXII: 1 (2001):283-284.

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