Studying in Germany

Ben at BundestagStudents may pursue summer study via the four-week Wheaton in Germany I program, which is required for all majors and minors and open to students of any major who have met the German competency requirement or its equivalent.

Wheaton in Germany I features on-site study of German cultural history and national identity in a language immersion setting. Offered annually in May-June and based in Munich, Berlin, and environs.

Students may also enroll in Wheaton in Germany II, a full semester program at a German university. Required of German majors and also open to other qualified students, Wheaton in Germany II includes an intensive course in the history of Christianity in Germany, a service practicum, a full semester of university coursework in German studies or another discipline, and an internship option. Courses taught by Wheaton faculty or native German instructors. Offered annually during spring semester and based in Berlin, featuring travel to Mainz, Cologne, Wittenberg, and other cities.

Other opportunities

Here are a few of the additional opportunities available:


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