The Spanish Major

The Spanish major exists to help students

  • develop awareness of the forms and functions of the Spanish language in general
  • enhance proficiency in understanding native speech and writing
  • communicate effectively and creatively in both oral and graphic modes.

Spanish majors will increase their understanding and appreciation of and empathy for the peoples of Hispanic cultures

  • through exposure to representative works of the various literary genres and related art forms of Spain and the Americas
  • through study of the regions' historical, philosophical, religious and artistic development
  • through awareness of issues and lifestyles of contemporary Hispanic societies
  • through personal interaction with native speakers of Spanish in the United States as well as in other countries where Spanish is spoken.

Students will complete the Spanish major

  • with enhanced awareness of their own linguistic, cultural and religious heritage
  • empowered to relate with respect and consideration to persons from diverse backgrounds
  • as enlightened citizens of the world and worthy representatives of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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