Environmental Science

Environmental Science is the interdisciplinary application of natural and social sciences as well as the humanities to understanding God's creation and the human and environmental interactions that surround us. It is a problem based discipline that draws on a broad understanding of biology, geology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Beyond studying the physical environment it is critical that environmental scientists understand the cultural and social contexts that drive environmental challenges. All this must be integrated under a strong biblical environmental ethic to comprehensively care for God's environment, entrusted to us.


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Our mission is to equip students and faculty to embrace the obligations and appreciate the privileges of being stewards of God’s creation. Through acts of scholarship and service, students and faculty protect environmental systems, inform the global church, and influence society and culture.

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The Wheaton College Science Station in the Black Hills of South Dakota, ongoing connections with other environmental institutes, and strategic location in the Greater Chicago Area create unique opportunities for study, research, and service in environmental and conservation science.

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