Sarah Miglio, Ph.D.


History Department

Director of Core Curriculum Studies and Assistant Professor of History
On Faculty since 2010

Office: Blanchard 208
Phone: (630)752-5153
Fax: (630)752-7101


Ph.D., History, University of Notre Dame, 2012

M.A., History, University of Notre Dame, 2007

M.A., Biblical Archaeology: New Testament and the Classical World, Wheaton College, 2004

B.A., Biblical Studies, Moody Bible Institute, 1999

About Sarah Miglio

My research and scholarship combines study of American culture and religion with modern Middle Eastern history during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and my goal is to write and teach globally situated history that explores the interactions of American history with the world.

I am particularly interested in the intersections of private beliefs and public activism. My research explores a network of religious social activists I call “Practical Christians,” who shared a commitment to non-sectarian Christian cooperation and the exercise of Christian Citizenship in order to reform their neighborhoods, their nation, and the world.


My current book project, Civilizing the World: Practical Christians, Progressive Religion, and Politics from Chicago to the Middle East, 1890-1925, analyzes social reformers who defied categorization within the Social Gospel or secular progressive movements.

My publications include “The Near Eastern Front of the Great War and the Self-Secularization of Christian Humanitarian Work,” in Remembering Armageddon: Religion and the First World War, ed., Philip Jenkins (2015), and “America’s Sacred Duty: Near East Relief and the Armenian Crisis, 1915-1930,” in Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports Online, eds. Ken Rose and Erwin Levold (2009). Additional publications include a review of Jonathan Ebel, Faith in the Fight: Religion and the American Soldier in the Great War in Journal of Church and State (December 2010) and articles on "Alexander Russell Webb," and "Columbian Exposition of 1893 & Muslim Participation at the Fair," in The Encyclopedia of Muslim American History, ed., Edward E. Curtis IV (2009).

Courses Taught

  • America and the Middle East
  • Marriage, Family & Gender in U.S. History
  • Modern History of the Middle East
  • Religion, Politics & Society in 20th-Century America

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