Faculty Office Hours for Spring 2014


Dr. Edith Blumhofer
Blanchard 215
Contact via email for appointment

Dr. Melissa Franklin Harkrider
Blanchard 205
T 2:00-4:00, R 1:00-3:00, F 11:30-12:30; and by appointment

Dr. Karen Johnson
Blanchard 211
MWF, 9:00-10:00; WF, 3:15-4:15; Th 5:30-6:30; and by appointment

Dr. Scott Lingenfelter
Blanchard 208
W 6:00-6:30 pm; and by appointment

Dr. Kathryn Long
Blanchard 213
MF 11:30-12:30; W 3:30-5:00; and by appointment 

Professor Carla Lovett
Blanchard 209
MWF 1:15-2:15; and by appointment

Dr. Matthew Lundin
Blanchard 210
MWF 2:00-4:00; and by appointment

Dr. Tracy McKenzie
Blanchard 206
MWF 2:00-4:00; and by appointment

Dr. Sarah Miglio
Blanchard 240
By appointment T-F; and immediately before and after class on T

Mr. Jack Scott
Blanchard 207
M 10 to noon; or contact via email for appointment

Dr. Charles Weber
Blanchard 208
Contact via email for appointment

Revised 3-17-14


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