Stephan Bauman '01

Stephan BaumanStephan graduated from the Wheaton Graduate School in 2001. Stephan is the President and CEO of World Relief, an international relief and development organization, where he oversees approximately 2,500 staff in 20 nations. Previously, he served as the Senior Vice President of Programs where he led programs in the health, economic, agriculture, and refugee resettlement sectors. Stephan joined World Relief in 2005 as the Country Director in Rwanda. He is a Certified Public Accountant and an ordained minister.

"My motivation really comes out of deep call from God personally and a mandate to fulfill both the great commandment and the great commission. Wheaton College played a significant role in shaping that call and mandate. For me, Wheaton offered a community of faith that was asking difficult questions--some unpopular but extremely missional ones. Wheaton remains committed to the Gospel while seeking to exegete our culture too. The friendships I've formed at Wheaton continue to this day. In fact, I stopped by the grad school just a few weeks ago to see Rob Gallagher (Intercultural Studies Chair). It was inspiring to see how he and his colleagues are innovating the program to serve Christ in a rapidly changing world."

Derek Bradley ‘06

Derek Bradley“[Dr.Gallagher’s] classes were life changing. I graduated in December 2006. I was in the Intercultural Studies program with the cohort that took classes on campus during the summer and in Thailand in January. It gave me the lenses I needed to interpret and understand the culture I was working in and ministering to at the time (China), but also prepared me to apply those lessons to any context. It also profoundly affected my spiritual life--the courses on Acts and on Leadership were unforgettable. They brought me into an awareness of the Holy Spirit and challenged so many paradigms, especially reading Celebration of Discipline. I saw God's heart for the nations (not just for Israel) in the Psalms. And I grew in my spiritual walk alongside some of the most incredible people I've ever met. Currently, I am the Director of Asia Pacific Programs for ISEP, one of the largest international student exchange networks.”

Andy Brennan '07

Andy Brennan"I graduated in 2007 from the Intercultural Studies program. My time at Wheaton was eye-opening. I didn’t know education could so seamlessly connect to the ministry that I lived throughout the year and that I could gain such meaningful insights from not only my professors but also from my peers. The texts were so well chosen that I found myself reading ahead of the assignments. The structure of the distance courses was ideal and fostered fruitful class discussion and class-wide investment. In addition, it was very evident that the professors loved the material they were teaching and believed in the program. It was a season of my life that I will always look back on with fondness. I am currently serving as English Language Institute/China’s Communications Director."

Judy Duncan '10

Judy Duncan Judy graduated in 2010 from the Evangelism and Leadership Program. The program reinforced my passion to help better equip the church in effectively doing cross-cultural engagement here in the US. The study of the theology of evangelism, with the impact of cultural currents that are changing here in the US, strengthened my desire to assist others in seeing how to have cross-cultural peer relationships, friendships that allow for a mutual exchange of life. This then leads to the opportunity to truly effectively share ones faith. I developed an equipping seminar that includes an event, some hands on learning called Creative Crossings. >>

When I went into the program I realized reaching the professional Internationals in our community was being missed by the church. The church is wonderful at meeting felt needs which delights me; but truly having an international friendship that was a peer relationship was lacking. God grew in my heart a desire to open a third place setting, a cafe where culture and people are celebrated allowing for cross-cultural connection to happen. Eventually through both training in tea and coffee (which had begun to happen prior to and alongside the program) I felt led to generate a business as ministry tea line, K'Tizo Tea LLC.
This is the financial foundation for the ministry to happen in a café. Café K'Tizo will open the summer of 2013. Through events tea, artistic cultural events we will build relationships that allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us in reaching across culture to professional International friends, here in suburban America.

The program helped to give me the theological underpinnings for this adventure. The program also allowed the Holy Spirit to work in my heart through several of the evangelism and formation courses. The intercultural courses gave skills that are essential to the equipping-teachings of Creative Crossings and the follow-up of what will happen within the ministry. The leadership classes allowed me to take time to view the vision and then formulate the initiating steps that led to Creative Crossings and Café K'Tizo. Our (my husband is an integral part) business also has a strong emphasis on social justice trying to buy direct trade, fair trade and partnering with International Justice Mission.

Currently, I am the managing partner of K'Tizo Tea LLC & Café K'tizo LLC. I had to place Creative Crossings on hold for a year but have re-started and I am lead trainer of Creative Crossings. I am a Business as Ministry model with a strong focus on social justice. 


Patrick Krayer '02

Pat Krayer“I loved my studies at Wheaton. I was a student from 2001 to 2002. I was able to do the full MA course in 10 months. It was a bit rigorous for me, but I had the motivation to do it. I think a few others have done this as well.

I had been on the field for the most part of 1984 to 2001. Being a Wheaton was a treat after all those years. It was great to study there under Cheri Pearson, Scott Moreau, Robert Gallagher, Alan Seaman and the others. They were great people to connect with and learn from.

I graduated in the summer of 2002 with a M.A. in Intercultural Studies with an ESL specialization.
It was an excellent program. I still highly recommend it to everyone I talk to. How does one encapsulate in a few points all that one benefited from. It is hard. So, excuse the brevity of what I write. I really gained so much more than I can list.

First, I did not have a background in educational theory. The ESL specialization component of the degree gave me a good background in general educational theory. Second, the ESL section of the Wheaton program is excellent. It gave me a solid foundation in teaching English as a foreign language. I had taught EFL prior to coming to Wheaton, and I taught EFL after leaving for 2 more years. The studies radically improved my teaching ability. They enabled me to adequately conceptualize what I was doing as an EFL teacher, develop positive outcomes for the classes, and properly assess student progress. In addition, due to my studies I was able to design an advanced beginning-low intermediate EFL course which is still being used today. In my part of the world this was the only contextualized EFL course in existence. Third, I took Contextualization with Moreau as well
My Mother's Sonsas Mission in Acts and an independent course with Dr. Gallagher. These were the primary courses that enabled me to take my theological-missiological understanding to the next level, and this eventually led the way for me in pursuing a PhD degree at Fuller.
I am currently the executive director for Interserve USA (see>>)."

Patrick also published a book which can be found at>>.


Diane Swiervenga ‘07

Diane SwierengaDiane graduated from the Wheaton graduate school in 2007. She participated in the INT/TESOL program. “The program gave me research and cross-cultural skills as I served the students, particularly international students in my job at the BGC Scholarship Program and my service on the missions team of my church. My current position is the administrator/coordinator of the BGC Scholarship Program. However, I am retiring in June 2013. As the Lord leads I hope to be able to use my TESOL skills in outreach to international families in the community.”

Andrey Tsupruk ‘12

Andrey TsuprukAndrey graduated from the MA Evangelism & Leadership program in 2012. Andrey’s wife Irina, pictured with their two daughters Grace and Eliana, is also an alumna of Wheaton College.

“My time at Wheaton Graduate School helped me expand my view of Christianity in the US. I was challenged to think beyond the narrow thinking I was raised in. I was encouraged wrestle with areas of my faith I really didn’t understand and with the help of staff was able to come to a better understanding, At Wheaton the professors did a great job teaching students how to translate the Gospel into different contexts. All this was new for me but needed! Upon my graduation I was more confident in my abilities to share the Gospel! I made many good friends along the way which is always a bonus.

I currently am on staff at Alpha USA, as Head of Publishing & Sales. Wheaton played a huge role in helping me get to where I am now in just 2 years!"

Augustine Wu '08

Augustine graduated in 2008 from the Intercultural Studies program at Wheaton. “During my time at Wheaton, I made great friends, met inspiring servants and broadened my own awareness of how culture shapes our individual experiences, corporate worship and universal truth. I am currently living in Denver, CO, working in a secular context as a Technology Consultant in the Financial Services industry, and established as part of a great community.”

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