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Faculty Highlight: Dr. Susan Greener

Dr. Greener


Dr. Greener's family members are all very creative, but in different ways. In her family there are several musicians playing a variety of instruments, artists who work with various media, and writers who compose a range of items from music to stories. Dr. Greener's own creativity is focused on wordplay, general silliness, facilitating the others by creating hospitable and open spaces, laughing lots, serving as a good audience for the others, and choosing the perfect gift.

Dr. Greener's Kids
 Dr. Greener's Family Shown Above: Caitlin (daughter), Jonathan (son), Emily (Jonathan’s wife), and Nick (son)

Travel Fun Facts

I filled two passports in 7 years and have been stranded in multiple airports. I attended a baptism in the sea on the coast of Cambodia complete with a picnic featuring dog meat sandwiches. I have been chased by a large monkey in Kenya. I have spent time in a Cambodia police station because I was in trouble.
A photo from Dr. Greener's recent trip to Rwanda.

Courses Taught

  • Cross-Cultural Research Methods
  • Intercultural Communication
    Mission to Children and Youth-at-Risk
  • Principles of Development
  • Theology of Development in Global Perspective
  • Cross-Cultural Human
  • Families in International Settings
  • Developmental Issues of Childhood and Youth
  • Human Development: Prenatal through Adolescence
  • Human Development in Context
  • Early Childhood Education and Methodology
  • Middle Childhood 

Favorite Activities

Reading – "I love to read. I read novels voraciously (1 to 2 a week), especially mysteries that are set in other countries. I like other books, too, especially if the stories give detailed character studies and compelling stories of human nature... I rarely read a book more than once and am eager to discover new authors and often delve into a specific genre – say, mystery writers who use Scotland for their setting" 
 Crosswords – "On Sunday, I am happiest when I can sit down in a sun puddle with the Puzzle Island section of the Chicago Tribune and work my way through all of the puzzles in it." Television – "I have faithfully watched Masterpiece Mystery for over 30 years. British mystery shows are the only TV that I purposely view, which means that I don’t know much of what other people are talking about!"  
Nick, Lauren, and Owen 
Dr. Greener's son Nick, his wife Lauren, and their son Owen.
Emily and Jude 
Dr. Greener's daughter-in-law Emily, and her grandson, Jude.
 People – "Despite being empty nesters, our home is an active one. We have people through our home several days a week and regularly host guests for dinner. I enjoy trying new recipes, especially for different ethnic cuisines. The kids and grandbabies are over at least once a week, too. When combined with an overly-friendly, 90-pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever named Seamus, our house tends to be rather loud and chaotic."
Dr. Greener in Rwanda

Words of Encouragement from Dr. Susan Greener

Feature Article by
Dr. Rob Gallagher

 Dr. Susan Greener shared a devotion on Romans 11:33-12:2 at the Intercultural Studies Annual Fall Retreat that occurred in September.  How should we view Immigration Biblically? Dr. Gallagher addresses this topic in his article entitled, "In and Out of Gath: Migration as Mission in Philistia".

  Alumni Highlight: Stephan Bauman '01

 Bauman Stephan Bauman is the President and CEO of World Relief, an international relief and development organization, where he oversees approximately 2,500 staff in 20 nations.
Stephan joined World Relief in 2005 as the Country Director in Rwanda. 
 From one President to Another:
Stephan met with President Obama on Friday, March 8, 2013 in Washington, D.C. to discuss how the faith community can work with Congress and the Administration to pass immigration reform. World Relief has been leading an effort through the Evangelical Immigration Table to educate and mobilize evangelicals throughout the United States to engage with Scripture and take action on immigration reform.
To read the full story, please visit the Missions News Page.
 You can read more about the work Stephan is doing on his blog:>>

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