Flexible Format

Flexible Format is a program for completing a Master's degree in Evangelism and Leadership. This option contains intensive/modular courses on campus and/or distance learning courses. Students can complete the 40 credit hour degree in as little as 3 years, but have up to 5 years to complete if needed.


Below are options for completing the MA through Flexible Format. Each option can include up to 12 hours of elective classes through distance learning.

Option 1: Intensive classes

The program can be completed in as little as 3 years by taking intensive courses during the fall, spring and summer semesters.

*Please see the sample student schedule for students entering Fall 2012, the sample student schedule for students entering Spring 2013, or the Sample Student Schedules page for an example of a program complete in intensive classes.

*Use a Program Planning Form (PDF) to plan out your own program.

Option 2: 5 Year Plan

The program is completed over the course of 5 years (maximum number of years allowed for completion of the MA), focusing the intensive classes during summers with a few spring intensives. 

*See the Sample Student Schedules page for an example of a program completed in 5 years. 

Students will work with an adviser to plan out their 40 credit hour program. Due to the intensity of this program and the short time in which students are on campus, it is important that you order text books and provide appropriate health and insurance information in a timely manner. Find more information on the details and forms that need completion.  

Course Information

Classes are either 2 or 4  credit hours.  A 2- credit intensive class meets for 8 hours per day for 3 days.  A 4-credit intensive class meets for 8 hours per day over six days.  Please see the list of classes for more information on course descriptions.    In addition to the classroom hours, each class requires advance and post course work. Students should allow approximately 10 weeks to complete each class.

  • Advance Course Work: Every intensive class will require advance assignments. It typically requires a combination of reading and small interactive papers due the first day of class. Eight weeks prior to the beginning of class the advance work will be posted to the website. Only use the syllabi located in Advance Work when ordering texts for class.
  • Post Course Work: Every intensive class requires an assignment due approximately 4 weeks after the last day of class. The exact date will be listed in the course syllabus.

Course Registration: The Evangelism & Leadership MA registration form (PDF) must be used for students in the following categories: (1) Degree-seeking students registering for the first time, (2) Degree-seeking students who were not enrolled in classes the previous semester, and (3) Continuing non-degree seeking students. 

Continuing students will register through the my.wheaton portal.

Payment Information

Tuition: For information on the tuition rates, visit Graduate School Admissions. Summer tuition is approximately 1/3 less than during the fall and spring semesters.

Billing Schedule: Modular students are billed per the following schedule: (1) the fall term is billed at the end of September and the bill is due the last day of October; (2) the spring term is billed at the end of January and the bill is due at the end of February; and (3) the summer term is billed at the end of May and the bill is due the last day of June.

Campus Information

Meals: The College has award winning buffet-style dining facilities. Cash is accepted.For renters in community homes, kitchen access is sometimes an option. There are also several restaurants in the area within walking distance of campus.

Summer students have the option to sign up for a meal plan on the summer housing application which will cover their meals for the extent of their stay. On-campus summer housing does have kitchen access, but does not include cutlery, pots and pans, or dishes.

Housing: During the fall and spring College Housing is only available for full-time residential students. There are many homes in the Wheaton area that rent rooms to people associated with Wheaton College who are not full-time students. Rooms vary in price from $25.00 to $35.00 per day, and many homes are within walking distance from campus. This list is available to flexible format students by contacting Graduate Student Services at graduate.student.services@wheaton.edu.

Summer College Housing is available to students for $142.65 a week in the form of furnished on-campus apartments. The furnished apartments do include a washer and dryer. However, the cost for summer housing does not include linens, pillows, towels, or blankets. Linen rental is available during the summer by requesting it on the summer housing application link below.

The summer housing application includes the information to apply for summer housing, rent linens, and request a meal plan. This form must be submitted to the Housing Office and they will bill your student account. The deadline for the housing application is 19 April.

Health Insurance:  All modular students who are registered for classes must send proof of their insurance coverage to Graduate Student Services. This proof must be a copy of the current health insurance card and can be in the form of a fax, email, or traditional mail.  If a student does not have health insurance or fails to comply with this requirement they will be charged a fee anywhere between $150-$200. This fee will cover the cost of health insurance for them while on campus. Temporary insurance is accepted but a copy of the insurance card is still required. The proof of insurance must be sent to Graduate Student Services each time you come to campus. For more information contact graduate.student.services@wheaton.edu.

International (including those from Canada) modular students must purchase insurance through Graduate Student Services each time you come to campus. The insurance cost is billed at a daily rate for a minimum of ten days. For more information contact graduate.student.services@wheaton.edu

For more information contact intr@wheaton.edu

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