What Current Students are Saying


Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck“I don’t think I would have been able to sustain and imagine the needed public witness in media without the education I’ve been receiving in the Evangelism and Leadership Masters at Wheaton. I entered these studies for both skill and personal spiritual disciplines, pacing classes deliberately over time into my full time leadership duties on 6 networks and a national newspaper. The educational materials, personal mentoring, class dynamics and wealth of ideas and relationships the E and L Masters has given me has been needed fuel to share the greatest idea the world has ever known; the Gospel.”

- Lorna Dueck; Host and Executive Producer of Context with Lorna Dueck

Matt Wilkinson

Matt Forpress“Given the shifting realities facing today’s Church, leading effectively and seeing people encounter the person and message of Jesus has become significantly more challenging. I have found personally that Wheaton’s Leadership & Evangelism program, practically and theologically, is unpacking in an unprecedented way what it will take to reach a post-Christendom people while equipping leaders to think and lead differently as a result.”

- Matt Wilkinson, Director of Youth & Family Ministries, Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec


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