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Alpha for Catholics Leadership Internship


Title: Leadership Resident

Internship Background

  • Alpha for Catholics Ministry Leadership Resident 
  • Non-paid internship with a commitment for 10-15 hours weekly
  • Office space available at the Alpha USA Central Support offices in Bannockburn, Il. We would prefer that this is where the Resident works from, but will discuss other arrangements as needed. The Director for Alpha for Catholics is based in Detroit, Michigan, so most communication with him will be via email or phone.
  • Suggested start/end date is flexible but there is an immediate need. Recommended time frame commitment is a minimum of six months.

Helpful Skill Set Strengths

  • Writing and editing documents for the Alpha for Catholic web pages, other e-communication or print use. There are exciting new developments bursting open right now in the Catholic Church, and we need to keep information current on the site.
  • Organizational skills
  • Administrative help with event planning 

Company Description

Alpha’s ministry leadership internship provides Residents with real life hands-on ministry experience. The position was created specifically to give students ministry experience while growing their business skills to develop them into future leaders of ministries and businesses.

Alpha USA is home to the Alpha Course in the US. The ministry works with churches, ministries and individuals in reaching the lost in all communities. In the US, 2 million people have taken the Alpha course and it is run in all 50 states. The mission of Alpha is to encourage, equip and empower the local church to make disciples of Jesus Christ from all walks of life by providing tools, training and support to transform our society, on life, one church and one community at a time.

This is an opportunity to be part of an organization that is being called “one the most effective evangelism tools of our time” by Rick Warren and others like him. Or an organization secular press call effective and modern - "...many claim Alpha has changed their lives and appear genuinely happier for the experience." Time Magazine; "Alpha...uses modern marketing methods to promote and explain Christian teachings around the world." Newsweek; “Alpha helps students navigate through Christianity.” Los Angeles Times. 

Internship Details

The internship is designed to expose Residents to ministry work created to broaden the much needed skills ministries are looking for. The unique thing about working for Alpha is that although Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do, we also take our ‘stewardship’ seriously and manage the ministry with the utmost professionalism and excellent i.e. you will develop practical skills to apply in any business or ministry setting. 

Day to day duties include:

  • Learning how to communicate with churches and other ministries through hands on training and experience. Will work on various projects where communication with church leaders and admin staff will occur
  • Learning day to day business activities 
  • Participate in ministry meetings with staff
  • Assist in projects pertaining to marketing and publishing
  • Visit churches in local area running the Alpha course
  • Have an opportunity to work within multiple departments to enhance skills
  • Alpha USA will provide Residents with the experience of working in a ministry setting to gain much needed experience to be ready for full time ministry and business jobs following graduation. You will learn what it takes to be successful and become a future leader.

Contact and Information

Please contact to apply. Visit Alpha >>

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