Summers Only Sample Schedule

This chart below gives a sample schedule of how one can complete the M.A. in Missional Church Movements degree in summers only. Students would need to complete 2 weeks of courses (8 credits) each July in 5 years.


Please note that this is a sample schedule of the summers-only option.

Please look at the Degree Requirements to see the required/elective courses you need to complete the degree and the Schedule/Advance Work to see the dates of when the courses are offered each summer. 


Year 1

MISS Core EVAN Core MISS Elective
MISS 562 Launching Apostolic Movements (4) EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism & Renewal 

Year 2

MISS Core   EVAN Core MISS Elective 
 MISS 564 Planting & Growing Reproducing Churches EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging & Global (4)   
 MISS 565 Incarnational Ministry for Missional Churches (2)    

Year 3

 MISS Core EVAN Core  MISS Elective 
 MISS 568 Organic & Simple Church (2) EVAN 542 Church: Movements & Models (4)   
MISS 575 Urban Missional Movements (2)     
 OR: MISS 576 Missional Movements & Evangelism (2)    

Year 4

 MISS Core EVAN Core  MISS Elective 
 EVAN 559 Organizational Leadership (4) INTR 561: Intercultural Communication (4)   

Year 5

 MISS Core  Evan Core  MISS Elective
 BITH 565, 566 OR 576 BITH CORE (4)   Electives (4) 
 INTR 692 Comprehensive Exam    

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