Accomodations and Transportation


Airport Transportation

Transportation is less expensive when arranged beforehand. There are several vendors that shuttle passengers to and from Midway or ORD. Please refer to this guide for helpful information (i.e. shuttle vendors contact information, pricing, directions, etc.).

Also, there are ways to arrive through public transportation from both airports if you are willing to take a little more time (about 1 1/2 - 2 hours). Use the public transportation icon (the train) on>> with your starting and ending destination to search your exact arrival time for possible trains available.

Some students have requested class emails to coordinate airport transportation to Wheaton College for the purpose of sharing the expense. Please let us know if you would like to share your email with others in order to coordinate. 

Housing: Deadline June 15

Students taking courses for credit  $21.29/night
Married  $41.10/night
Family apt  $48.81/night
Noncredit students  $23/night


Meals/Food Options

College Dining Hall/Bon Appetit: On-campus meals at Café Bon Appetit are available Monday-Friday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The café will not be opened during the weekends.
For those that are living on-campus, meal rates are the following:

  • $85.25 for a 5-day week OR
  • $17.08 per day

You also have the option to have a discount meal card when you arrive on campus (morning of your first class) that will allow you to eat at the café for discounted prices. The meal card will only be valid for the intensive course. A new card will be issued to you for each intensive you take. Prices are effective until June 30 and subject to change after July 1:

  • Breakfast: $5.50 (Normal price is $7.15 23% Savings)
  • Lunch: $7.00 (Normal price is $10.00 30% Savings)
  • Dinner: $8.50 (Normal price is $11.45 26% Savings)

Recommended Off-Campus Places: There are restaurants throughout downtown Wheaton, within walking distance of the College. Check out the INTR Department Handbook (page 8) for recommended restaurants, coffee shops, and more!

Parking Permits 

For those who have not purchased a parking sticker for the year, the cost of parking is $2.00 per day/$10.00 per week. For your convenience we will have parking applications for you to complete when you come to class. After you complete the application you can purchase your parking permit. Cash and checks are acceptable. Checks should be made payable to Wheaton College. The application includes:

  • Your local (Wheaton) address
  • Your phone number while you are in Wheaton
  • The vehicle year, make, model, style and color
  • The license plate number and state
  • The insurance company’s name, policy number and expiration date.

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