Welcome to the Intercultural Studies Department. It will be great to have you as part of our department. We are blessed by the caliber of students that the Lord has brought to us.


Please refer to the following information below to assist you in your transition to Wheaton College.

Confirmation to Graduate Admissions:


If the Lord is leading you to study at Wheaton College, please notify the Graduate Admissions Office in the online enrollment confirmation sent by Graduate Admissions.

Steps to Enrollment:

In your acceptance letter from Graduate Admissions, you should have received the “Steps to Enrollment” document. Please read the document carefully since you are required to complete all the steps before you can register for your classes. The “Steps to Enrollment” document contains important items including:


  • Sending final transcripts, advance deposits to the Graduate Admissions Office
  • Activating your myWheaton account and Wheaton email address. You need to use your Wheaton email account to receive important communication from the Wheaton College Graduate School and our department.
  • Sending other important documents to the Student Health Center including medical and immunizations forms and Student Health insurance.
  • Reviewing other important information including Housing, Registration, and Graduate Orientation.
If you need a copy of the “Steps to Enrollment” document, please contact Nancy Crane, the Graduate Application Processor at

Program Options and Course Schedules:

Please click on the following links below for helpful information about your program, course schedules, and elective categories:

Faculty Advisors:

An advisor will work with you individually to help you design the course of study that best meets your career goals. After looking over the website, please contact Shirley Handy so that an appointment can be made for you to speak with a faculty who advises in your area of interest. Information about our faculty can be found by clicking on the Faculty page.

Intercultural Studies and Missions Faculty:

Intercultural Studies and TESOL Faculty and Guest Faculty:

Evangelism and Leadership Faculty and Guest Faculty:

Missional Church Movements Faculty and Guest Faculty:

Campus Visit:




 If you’d like to know more about our program and would like to speak with one of our faculty, you can either Schedule a Campus Visit>> or contact Shirley Handy to arrange a phone interview with the faculty of your choice.





The Intercultural Studies, TESOL and Evangelism Sample Semester Course Schedules and Advance Work are to be used together to help you plot out your course of study.  

Student Visas:



All international students must have a visa to study at Wheaton. Graduate Student Services ( is available to help with any questions regarding international students and paperwork for Wheaton College. 

Health Insurance:



All residential students who are registered for classes are automatically billed for the College insurance plan. If you do not require College insurance, be sure to submit the online waiver form on or before September 1 for the fall semester and February 1 for the spring semester.

For more information on Health Insurance policies, please visit the Student Health Insurance website.




All students are required to have a physical examination and a record of their immunizations on file with the Student Health Services. The Medical History, Physical and Immunizations Form (PDF) can be printed and taken with the student to the physical exam.  If the student does not have the correct immunizations, they must be obtained, or it will result in a $100.00 medical records fine on the student's account and a registration hold will be put into place. 

If additional information is needed, please visit the Student Health Services website or contact them at 630-752-5072 or  




All students must have a parking permit to park on campus. Information will be given to you at student orientation.

Student I.D. Cards:



Student I.D. cards allow students to access to the Student Recreation Center and check out books from the Libraries. These cards will be issued to each student on the first day of class.

Graduate Student Care:



If you have any questions on other services for graduate students, please check out the Graduate Student Care page.

If you have questions, please contact the department at

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