Accelerated M.A. Program

Undergraduate students can earn their bachelors and a graduate degree in TESOL and Intercultural Studies in five years.


About the Accelerated MA Program

The Accelerated M.A. in Intercultural Studies & TESOL offers Wheaton College undergraduate students the opportunity to earn the B.A of their choice and the M.A in Intercultural Studies & TESOL in five years by taking graduate credit courses during their senior year. 

Application Information

Up to eight hours of graduate credit may be taken each semester (16-hour maximum taken as an undergraduate). The student will be given a graduate advisor, but will retain the undergraduate advisor and be classified as an undergraduate until the bachelor's degree is earned. Earning a graduate degree by this method can have a financial advantage. Courses taken toward this accelerated master's degree program cannot be counted toward the student's bachelor's degree requirements.

Those interested in the Accelerated M.A. should submit an application to the Graduate Admissions Office prior to earning 90 undergraduate credit hours. A letter of recommendation is also required. After acceptance, students will be able to register for graduate-level courses only after completing 90 undergraduate credit hours.


For more information contact Dr. Alan Seaman, the TESOL Director, at  

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