Intercultural Studies Faculty Highlights

Faculty highlights from Dr. Rob Gallagher, Dr. Susan Greener, Dr. Scott Moreau, and Professor Beth Seversen of their work serving around the world.


Dr. Robert Gallagher

Department Chair
Director of M.A. in Intercultural Studies
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

Dr. GallagherDr. Gallagher had a busy summer, spending several weeks in his Australian homeland. From May 31 - June 2, he presented at an annual prophetic conference, Tapping the Source, in Stirling, South Australia. This conference presented an opportunity to “Experience God, hear from him and be directed by him.”

Next, June 4-5, Dr. Gallagher traveled to Adelaide, SA, Australia and facilitated a time of reflection, replenishment and renewal for pastors and church leaders. He encouraged the leadership to invest in one another and create time to hear from God.

June 7th found Dr. Gallagher at the LoCCSA Conference as he presented on the “Changing Shape of Mission: International Perspectives.” He presented for the South Australian Council of Churches (SACC) whose mission is “to assist the churches across South Australia in their journey towards more visible signs of Christian unity and to explore what they might do better together than individual and by nurturing and nourishing their understanding, spiritual growth and practice of ecumenism.”

On June 12th at Tabor Adelaide in Australia, Dr. Gallagher presented about Luke’s account of the early church. He gave a one day workshop on the depth of Acts and “recovering the centrality of God’s word” to benefit the church in this generation. The workshop dealt with Principles of Exposition and better handling Bible texts.

Lastly, on June 12th in Tabor Adelaide, Dr. Gallagher carried out a seminar examining Paul’s missionary methods as observed in the book of Acts.

Dr. Susan Greener

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

Dr. GreenerDr. Greener’s summer focused primarily on children-at-risk through writing, advocacy and direct care. Throughout May and June she dedicated herself to getting several book chapters ready for publication. The titles are as follows:

  • Greener, S.H. (in press). Raising Samuel: Releasing Children to Discover God’s Purpose. In D. Brewster & J. Baxter-Brown (Eds), Children and Mission: Recognizing Children and Youth as Strategic Partners in Mission.
  • Greener, S.H. (in press). Whose Childhood? Global Experiences of Children-at-Risk and Spiritual Formation. In L. Tolbert (Ed), Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today's Children. Wipf and Stock.
  • Greener, S.H. (in press). Conflict and Culture. In S. Moreau, E. Campbell, and S. Greener, Introducing Intercultural Communication. Michigan: Baker Books.

Also in June, Dr. Greener received a gracious and exciting invitation to help write the position paper for the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum outlining a theology, rationale, and strategy for the global church to engage with and for children-at-risk.

Dr. Scott Moreau

Associate Academic Dean of the Wheaton College Graduate School
Professor of Intercultural Studies

Dr. Moreau

In May I attended the European Leadership Forum in Wisla, Poland, to speak and represent Wheaton Graduate School to the 700 European church leaders gathered there. I spoke to a gathering of missiologists on the recent debate over how to translate “Son of God’ in Muslim settings; and held a workshop dealing with spiritual conflict. From we travelled through the Czech Republic discussing with numerous church leaders about the needs for training that they felt were important for the Czech church. In late June and early July I travelled to Australia to teach a contextualization course in two seminaries: Morling Theological College (Sydney) and Brisbane School of Theology (Brisbane) and enjoy the sights on the east coast of Australia, learn a bit about rugby and Australian Rules Football.

Dr. Moreau

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