Tom Vandrunen in computer lab

Computer Science

Some people are attracted to computer science because they like fiddling with computers. Others enjoy how computers allow people to communicate in new and faster ways. Some see computer science as a gateway to career opportunities.


At Wheaton, we like to show how computer science is so much more than what many think it is. It's not about the technical details of this or that technology. Computer science is about problem-solving, devising efficient solutions to the puzzles of the world. Computer science is one of the most interdisciplinary fields, connecting to work in the sciences, social sciences, literature, and music, not only in the way computing technology aids those disciplines but also in the way computer science trains the mind for rigorous, logical thinking.

Computer science isn't just about programming, but it involves a lot of it. Programming is one of the most creative human activities as a programmer can create nearly unlimited worlds in the most flexible medium possible: software.

Come join us on this adventure.


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