CS Experience at Wheaton

What is the computer science experience at Wheaton?


The computer science faculty at Wheaton have crafted a home-grown curriculum that is suited for our top-quality students, adapted to the liberal arts environment, continuously updated with the changes in technology, and honed to prepare our students to compete in the modern marketplace. Explore some of the curricular innovations that provide the key classroom experiences.

One of the formative experiences is the software development course, CSCI 335. Most of the work is done in a semester-long group project where students produce a major piece of software. Software engineering courses are common in computer science programs, but Wheaton is unusual in placing this experience early in the major---students jokingly refer to the course as "sophomore development." View some of the products these students have worked on.

Are you the right fit for Wheaton's computer science program? If so, one of the most important aspects of your experience here would be your peers. What are Wheaton computer science majors like? Check out the profiles of some recent and current computer science majors and minors.

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