The following contains general Information about mathematics courses at Wheaton College. Be sure to see information on core courses, elective courses, and Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MAT) courses.



Core-Courses (Required)

  • Math 232 - Calculus II Calculus I is prerequisite to Calculus II. Many mathematics majors arrive at Wheaton with AP credit for Calculus I. Accordingly, the prerequisite course Calculus I is not counted towards a mathematics major. The major begins with Calculus II.
  • Math 245 - Linear Algebra Linear Algebra is a pre-requisite for a number of upper division math courses. Offered every semester, math majors complete this course before the end of their sophomore year.
  • Math 331- Vector Calculus  This 2 semester hour course completes the calculus sequence. It should be completed during the freshman or sophomore year.
  • Math 341 - Algebra I The study of algebraic structures serves as one of the two theory courses in the major. We recommend that Math 341 should be taken in the spring semester of the junior year.
  • Math 351 - Analysis I Together with Algebra I, this course is one of our two theory courses. It is usually taken in the fall semester of the junior year.
  • Math 494 - History and Foundations of Mathematics The capstone course for the major, Math 494 should be taken in the spring semester of the senior year. Algebra I and Analysis I are prerequisites.

Elective Courses

Three of these must be chosen to complete the major:

  • Math 243 Discrete Mathematics This course presents some of the ideas used in more advanced courses, and should be taken by the sophomore year if possible. It is offered every spring and is a required course for computer science majors, and for math majors in the WheTEP program.
  • Math 331 Vector calculus  (2 hours) This course continues the study of calculus for functions of more than one variable that was begun in Math 232. It is offered every spring.
  • Math 361 Numerical Analysis This is an applied course that considers ways to approximate values in analysis when exact answers cannot be found. It is offered in the fall semester of even numbered years.
  • Math 362 Geometry This course presents an overview of various geometries, including Euclidean. It is offered in thhe spring semester of odd numbered years and is required for the WheTEP program.
  • Math 363 Probability and Statistics This course presents the theoretical foundation of probability theory and then considers some applications to statistics. It is offered every fall semester and it is required for the WheTEP program.
  • Math 364 Math Modelling This course applies some of the basic ideas of mathematics to a variety of non-mathematical settings. It is offered in the fall semester of odd-numbered years.
  • Math 395 Seminar (2 hours) This course is offered on an irregular basis when a faculty member and a small group of students decide to study a topic that is not part of the regular curriculum. The last topic studied was topology.

MAT Courses

When the Master of Arts in Teaching of Mathematics (MAT) program was introduced several years ago, we added four, 400-level courses to the curriculum to support this program. Students in the math MAT program need to take 3 of these courses, in addition to those needed for the major. Other students may choose these as elective courses, or can take the Quad A part for a 2-hour introduction. Students interested in graduate study in mathematics should take 441,451 and 485. Students considering graduate study in statistics should take

  • Math 441 Algebra II - offered in the fall semester of even numbered years.
  • Math 451 Analysis II - offered in the spring semester of odd numbered years.
  • Math 463 Probability & Statistics II - offered in the spring semester.
  • Math 485 Advanced Topics in Mathematics - offered in the spring semester of even numbered years. In 2000, the topic was number theory. In 2002, the topic was undergraduate student research.

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