McManis Philosophy Lecture Series

Every third year, the McManis Lecture Series offers the Philosophy Department the opportunity to host both national and international scholars for a series of lectures addressing a specific topic or philosophical issue.


These lectures were oriented toward the major and are often accompanied by a course devoted to the topic at hand. This lecture series provided students, once again, with the opportunity to experience first-hand and to interact with the very highest level of scholarship in the field of professional philosophy.

Audio recordings can be found at WETN by searching under "Philosophy Speaker Series" under Tags.


Aquinas on Human Personhood and Death

Dr. Jeffrey Brower, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Purdue University

Tuesday April 12, 2011
McManis Lecture


Anselm on Free Will

Dr. Katherin Rogers, Professor of Philosophy, University of Delaware

Tuesday March 22, 2011
McManis Lecture


Medieval Philosophy and the Foundations of Christian Intellectualism: How Augustine Made It Safe for Smart People To Be Christians

Dr. Scott MacDonald, Professor of Philosophy & Christian Studies, Cornell University

Thursday, December 2, 2010
McManis Lecture

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