Mindy Cartolano (Physics '13) and Dr. Darren Craig Publish Paper in Physics of Plasmas

Posted December 23, 2013 by Physics

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Mindy Cartolano at the MSTMindy Cartolano (Physics ’13) and Dr. Darren Craig received word that the paper they recently submitted to Physics of Plasmas has been accepted for publication. The paper entitled “Statistical analysis of variations in impurity ion heating at reconnection events in the Madison Symmetric Torus” summarizes research that Mindy did for her honor’s thesis at Wheaton. The published study describes observations of ion heating during reconnection in a large plasma experiment at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Reconnection is a process that converts magnetic energy to thermal or kinetic energy in plasmas. This process is active in laboratory plasmas and throughout the universe in places like the earth’s magnetosphere and the solar corona.

Mindy is currently pursuing a PhD in physics at the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign. Read more about Dr. Craig's research here.

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