Sally Schwer Canning, Ph.D.


Psychology Department

Professor of Psychology
On Faculty since 1994

Office: BGC M241
Phone: (630)752-7045
Fax: (630)752-7033


Post-doctoral training: Institute for Juvenile Research, UIC, Chicago, IL, 1994

Ph.D. Professional-Scientific Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, (APA Approved), 1994.

Internship: Hahnemann University Hospital (APA Approved), Philadelphia, PA, 1992-93

M.S. Ed. Psychological Services, University of Pennsylvania, 1988

B.A. Music Performance, Gettysburg College, 1982

Licensure & Certifications

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, 1997

About Sally Schwer Canning

A community/clinical-child psychologist, Dr. Canning is committed to learning from and serving urban, low-income, children and families-of-color, to linking the resources of faith-based community and campus organizations for the benefit of under-resourced communities, and to training psychologists for competent practice with underserved populations. Dr. Canning's work in the community supports the healthcare and educational objectives of faith-based community organizations serving poor, urban neighborhoods. Her current projects include a program of research on pregnancy and post partum mood disorders in low-income Latinos and African American populations and an integrative examination of the idea of "self-care" for helping professionals. Articles published by Dr. Canning may be found in Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, The Community Psychologist, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Health and Development, Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, Journal of Psychology and Theology, and the Journal of Psychology and Christianity. Dr. Canning and her husband and daughter are grateful to belong to a church on the West-side of Chicago that is committed to faith-based community development and racial reconciliation.

Courses Taught

  • Psyc 837 Developmental Psychopathology
  • Psyc 845 Child and Adolescent Interventions
  • Psyc 797 Practica-Seminar III-IV
  • Psyc 739 Community and Preventive Psychology
  • Psyc 714  Professional Development and Ethics I 

Membership in Professional Societies


Books and Book Chapters
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Canning, S. S., Arnold, D., & Halterman, M. (September, 2004). Building partnerships in support of mental health services. Workshop conducted at the annual conference of Catholic Charities, USA, Denver, CO.

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