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GPSA - Graduate Psychology Student Association

The Graduate Psychology Student Association (GPSA) is an organization of the graduate students in the Masters and Psy.D. Programs. Its purpose is to provide student involvement in the establishment, modification, and implementation of the policies and procedures governing the graduate psychology programs. It provides encouragement and fellowship for the students as well as providing opportunities to develop skills and direction in professional development. Officers, Standing Committee and Student Faculty Recruitment Committee members are elected by the student body each year to represent the classes/levels of each program (Catalog of Wheaton College). Memberships to all other committees are on a volunteer basis. GPSA also provides a forum for students to discuss department issues as a group and to bring their views to the faculty.


President - Presides at meetings of the GPSA. Meets with the Department Chair, Sponsor, or appointed faculty members to communicate outcomes of GPSA meetings as needed. Attends graduate faculty meetings periodically.

Vice President - Assists President in the executive responsibilities. Presides at GPSA meetings and serves as substitute in the President's absence.

Treasurer - Monitors budget, expense commitments and completes procedures for expenses and other financial matters.

Secretary - Records and distributes all meeting minutes and GPSA correspondence and keeps the GPSA files.

It is preferable, but not necessary that two officers be from the Psy.D. program and two from the M.A. program.

Class Representatives - Two representatives from each Psy.D. year (1st - 4th) and two from each M.A. class are elected or volunteer; at most a total of twelve representatives. A representative for the Psy.D. pre-doctoral interns is desirable, but not required. Class representatives serve as spokespersons for their class and assist in coordinating various activities, such as, sign-ups for events, requesting volunteers, etc.

Student Life Enrichment Director (SLED) - develops and coordinates social activities for the graduate psychology community for the school year. One or two assistants may be recruited from the student body.

Sponsor - The Psychology Program Administrator serves as a resource of information and liaison for coordination of GPSA activities.

Standing Committees of Psychology Department that may have student representatives:

  • Clinical Training Committee
  • Admissions and Academic Requirements Committee
  • Multicultural Committee

Opportunities for Counseling Ministries Graduates

This program prepares students to work in a variety of Christian ministry contexts with advanced skills in counseling. For example, a graduate may work internationally with a mission organization and provide counseling services to individuals in the agency. Other examples may include counseling ministries within local churches.

Many Counseling Ministries students attend the Mental Health in Missions conference >> in November and have the opportunity to network with professionals from around the world who are actively involved in mental health practice nationally and internationally. A limited number of scholarships are available to Counseling Ministries students to attend this conference.

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