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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Wheaton College"God is always working to reconcile the world to himself and always calling people toward himself… but many hearts are like that ground that Jesus is speaking of; rocky and hard, not prepared as a field. Every heart has to be prepared as a field, softened up and opened to be receptive to the Word of Christ Jesus. So our role is often as rock pickers. The kinds of rocks that could be obstacles to the preparation of the heart as a field could be resentments, anger, fears, traumas and losses, anything that would hinder someone from being open and receptive to trusting in that Gift that God has offered to us. Our role as Professional Counselors is in dealing with those rocks, helping to remove them from the ground so it can be made into a field so the heart can be receptive. This is a very important, honorable and noble task. It is a privilege to be involved in God’s work of reconciling the world to himself."
- Dr. Michael Mangis, CMHC Program Faculty


Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Wheaton College"I would like to emphasize how practically useful I found the program to be especially with an array of internship sites to choose from with each of the sites offering diverse clinical opportunities.
- George Obiero, M.A. Graduate 2013




Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Wheaton College"After twenty five years engaged in traditional missions in southeast Asia, it was time to tackle something new in 2012, something that I was passionate about...mental health care for international workers. The M.A. program prepared me well for my new roles as a counselor at Cornerstone Counseling (Chiang Mai, Thailand) and as a member care provider for the Chrisian & Missionary Alliance. The Wheaton program integrated Christian faith and worldview with academic excellence, enabling me to confidently minister to cross cultural workers at vulnerable points in their life journey."
- Mary Westergren, M.A. Graduate 2013


Bethany Giles"This program at Wheaton uniquely supports students as they wrestle with the theoretical and practical implications of reintegrating uncompromising Christian faith and empirically-based counseling. Students consider what this means for their personal and professional identity as well as for how this will impact their clients. Wheaton provides an environment that interweaves personal, professional, and spiritual growth while ensuring students receive every possible resource to move toward their potential."
- Bethany Giles, M.A. Graduate 2014

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