Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology Dissertations


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Clinical Dissertation Criteria

The department allows for wide latitude as to the approach taken in the clinical dissertation, within certain guidelines. All clinical dissertations must meet these criteria:

  • Originality: the dissertation must embody original thinking or analysis
  • Meaningfulness: the contribution should advance the field of psychology
  • Quality: the dissertation should be of high quality

Two major models are acceptable within these guidelines. The first is empirical study which is designed to investigate basic or applied questions in the field of clinical psychology. The methodology might be quantitative or qualitative which might utilize replications, re-analyses, or meta-analyses of significant research. The second acceptable model is a conceptual or theoretical approach. In all cases, originality, meaningfulness, and quality are the necessary criteria for a clinical dissertation.

An historical list of dissertations completed in the Psy.D. program can be found by the year they were published.

More details may be found in the Clinical Dissertation Manual (PDF).


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