Nepal Outreach and Training Group












Faculty advisors: Dr. Terri Watson and Dr. Sarah Hall

Our aim is twofold: 1) to prepare for teaching and clinical training of mental health workers in underserved Nepal, and 2) to conceptualize and conduct research to facilitate understanding of mental health needs in Nepal. Through involvement in this lab, students will learn to assess needs, develop and put into practice a cross cultural training and research project, which was implemented during the summer of 2012.

Teaching and clinical training. We are working with a group of mental health professionals in Nepal to assess clinical training needs and develop two one-week classes: one aimed at training Nepalese mental health professionals in supervision and child psychopathology, and one aimed at supporting and training expatriate Christian counselors in Nepal from a faith perspective. Students will be involved in developing culturally-sensitive course content and clinical training protocols.

Cross-cultural research. Research will likely focus on assessing needs and service provision in order to better facilitate the work of mental health professionals and lay persons serving in Nepal. Readings done as a group will aim to facilitate understanding of culturally-appropriate research aims and methods. The specific research aims of the group are not currently set; group members will help shape the group’s research aims as we learn together more about the country and the needs of the Nepali people.

After a visit to Katmandu in 2012, The Nepal Outreach and Training Group is now working toward synthesizing and writing up the results of data collected. The group is not accepting new members at this time.


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