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Psychology Undergraduate Programs


Because psychology is a multifaceted field of study, we strive to reflect this in the various courses that we offer.  As a psychology major, you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn about the traditional empirical areas of psychology and clinical psychology,
  • learn how to conduct psychological research
  • learn how to evaluate the important theories and presuppositions in psychology from a Christian perspective.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive training program, the undergraduate program has chosen academic requirements that support the needs of students wanting to pursue graduate training as well as provide a solid liberal arts degree for students entering the broader market. This is done through the specific course requirements, varied electives, opportunities for research experience in the classroom, through faculty collaboration, the Honors Program, and internship experiences.

Psychology Major

As a psychology major, you will have the option of choosing from different tracks:

  • Development Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical or Counseling Psychology
  • Neuroscience

In addition, the department serves the greater student body by providing a number of courses for general education credit including Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology.

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