John Vessey, Ph.D.


Psychology Undergraduate Programs

Associate Professor of Psychology
On Faculty since 2001

Office: BGC M252
Phone: (630)752-5761
Fax: (630)752-7033


Ph.D. Psychology, Northwestern University, 1991

M.S. Statistics, Northwestern University, 1990

B.A. Psychology, Wheaton College, 1986

About John Vessey

Dr. Vessey's interests include Methodology, Program Evaluation, Psychometrics, Statistics, Experimental Design, Sex Education, and  Classical Christian Education >>.

Courses Taught

Research Interests

Dr. Vessey serves as a technical advisor for several national evaluations of abstinence-only sex education programs. He is also interested in psychotherapy research and mental health outcomes research, as well as research on obesity, smoking cessastion, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.


Articles and Papers

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