Recommended Sequence of Courses for the Undergraduate Major


Majors are required to complete 36 hours of psychology as detailed below.

After you have completed Introductory Psychology (101), it is recommended that you take Statistics (268) and Experimental Psychology (269) as soon as possible to better equip you for your remaining course work.

  • If you intend to pursue graduate work in psychology, it is advised that you take more of your electives from the required and recommended course list of your chosen study track.
  • If you are contemplating graduate work at the Ph.D. level, we also recommend some coursework in biology and computer applications.
  • Personality is the senior capstone course and should not be taken until your senior year.

You may take up to 8 hours of internship, but only 4 hours will count toward the 36 required hours. The other 4 hours will be counted as general elective hours.

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