Emily George DeLew


Emily DeLew ContentGraduation Year : 2008

Major:  Sociology with an emphasis on Social Service & Ministry with a Certificate in Urban Studies and a Minor in Theology.

Why did you choose Sociology?

 I struggled a lot with choosing a major. I was incredibly challenged by my Intro to Sociology course, and  I found myself energized by the idea of diving into the world of sociology. I wanted to be part of a discipline that stretched me intellectually, challenged me personally, and deepened my understanding of the world around me. Sociology also pushed me to question my basic assumptions about myself, society, and God.

Which courses made the most impression on you?

Sociology of Family and Sociological Theory.

How did that affect your career choice?

Sociology, as a discipline, made me more aware of how hidden structures and systems impact individuals and communities. I’ve learned that impacting structural change/progress brings me a lot of energy and highlights some of my strengths. Sociology gave me a vision for that.  

Which professors impacted you?

Dr. Lisa McMinn was a revolutionary professor for me. I also deeply appreciated Dr. Jim Mathison. 

How and why did you choose to follow your path beyond graduation?

Immediately after graduation I worked in Zambia at a school for orphans and vulnerable children. Initially I thought that sociology was only relevant in social service-type jobs. As I gained more experience, however, I realized that it actually equipped me for most career fields. This realization allowed me to look for positions that fit my gifts and passions rather than relegating myself to a specific field.

What are you doing now? What does that type of job look like?

I’m the Director of Alumni Connections at Wheaton College. I manage five programs for students and alumni that are particularly focused on developing career and calling connections within the Wheaton family. I would describe my day-to-day role as primarily a project manager.

What advice could you give a potential major?

Don’t be dissuaded from studying sociology just because you don’t quite know what you’ll do with it. This discipline lays a strong foundation that translates into a variety of roles. If you enjoy the content, become a soc major.

Ms. DeLew spearheads our college's networking site, Wheaton in Network. Wheaton in Network (WiN) facilitates meaningful interactions within the Wheaton family by providing networking opportunities and by cultivating connections through the sharing of professional and life experience.


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