Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) promotes Christian liberal arts education at its best, allowing students to pursue a “program of study” (personal or pre-set) that integrates selected course­work from two or three disciplines.



IDS majors will express a “guiding directive,” choosing to explore a question (i.e., How do faith and ethics relate to bioengineering?), or a problem (i.e., Analyzing the common causes of poverty in urban America), or a theme (i.e., Philosophical and literary perspectives on the human condition). See the Sample Directives page for examples of what this could look like.

Whatever the guiding directive for the program of study, IDS students pursue areas of academic interest that sustain focused course work and independent study.

The culmination is a final research project, completed and presented to peers in the IDS Senior Seminar.

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Incoming Students

Due to the nature and structure of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDS), Freshman or Transfer students are not automatically able to sign into this major.

Becoming an IDS student involves a rigorous application process and must be done in cooperation with the IDS Director and IDS Faculty Committee.

Current Students

You can find application forms and additional information at the IDS intranet site.


Best IDS seal

Wheaton College’s interdisciplinary studies major has been recognized as being one of the best programs in the nation, ranked second just behind Emory University. 

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