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Nursing (Liberal Arts)


Wheaton College offers a 3-2 Liberal Arts/Nursing Program leading to both a B.S. from Wheaton and the appropriate clinical degree (BSN, MSN) from CCNE or NLNAC accredited nursing schools. Since 1982, this program has prepared students for the nursing profession by providing a solid Christian liberal arts foundation, including pre-nursing courses, during the three years the student is at Wheaton. The last two years or more are spent at the nursing school.

Please consult the Wheaton College On-line Catalog regarding course prerequisites to fulfill the requirements for the Liberal Arts Nursing major. 

Pathways to the Nursing Profession at Wheaton

The Health Professions program administers the Liberal Arts/Nursing major (LA/N) and also provides advising and support services for pre-nursing students who are non-LA/N majors. The Pre-Nursing program at Wheaton College is comprised of these pathways:

  • LA/N major as a first major - 3-2 program
  • LA/N as a second major - all requirements for the major must still be fulfilled including enrollment in nursing school (typically students choosing this option complete two majors in four years and then pursue nursing school)
  • Pre-Nursing interest, student pursues a major (not LA/Nursing) in an area of personal interest while completing pre-requisites to apply to accelerated BSN or Graduate Entry nursing programs upon graduation from Wheaton College

Nursing Schools

The nursing profession desires to have more highly educated nurses and nurse leaders. Nursing schools have been in transition in order to educate better prepared nurses and nurse leaders for the future. The nature of the agreements Wheaton has are school-specific.

  • Liberal Arts Nursing major (3-2 Program)
  • The following schools require a baccalaureate degree for admission. (Previously Wheaton had a 3-2 relationship with these schools.)
  • All four of these schools offer other degrees and dual degrees (MSN/MPH).
  • Students are welcome and encouraged to apply to other nursing programs outside of those with formalized agreements. The Health Professions office can help students navigate this process.

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