Health Professions Seminar/Internship

The Health Professions Seminar/Internship (Science 229) offers an opportunity for students to discuss current topics within the healthcare field and interact with healthcare professionals, hearing first-hand stories of the challenges and joys of serving others in a variety of healthcare careers.


This two-hour credit bearing course is usually taken during the sophomore year. The Health Professions Seminar/Internship (Science 229) is offered during the spring semester and provides opportunities to:

  • Study contemporary issues in healthcare and hear from health professionals
  • Investigate the nature of the chosen health profession through a clinical internship (shadowing)
  • Learn what is expected of a health care professional and engage in professional development
  • Engage in self-assessment for career definition and clarification 
  • Recognize the unique role of a Christian practitioner in a context of diversity and globalization

Health Professions Seminar Internship


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