There are several scholarship opportunities for pre-health students within Wheaton College as well as National and State.


Health Profession Scholarships

Global Health Internship Scholarship – awarded to up to two Wheaton students completing a for-credit internship focused on global health. Preference given to students who express a vocation interest in the field of global health and have financial need. Students are responsible to provide a short report on their experiences to the committee. Spring 2017 Information Sheet and Application Details >>.

Great Physician Scholarship – a one-time award to one student toward spring tuition. Sophomore, junior, and senior pre-medical students with a GPA of 3.5 or high are eligible for the Great Physician Scholarship. However, if two students are deemed worthy, the award can be divided between both students.

Health Scholars Scholarship – is a one-time award to multiple students each year toward internships at Northwestern Medicine locations. Central DuPage Hospital (Winfield, IL) offers a summer internship that students are encouraged to apply to. Spring 2017 Information Sheet and Application Details >>.

McKenna Scholarship – is awarded to junior students pursuing a future career in medicine (MD) or dentistry in an underserved urban setting and who have at least a 3.3 GPA. Information Sheet and Application Details. Spring 2017 Information Sheet and Application Details >>.

Strohschein Scholarship – by invitation only, is a one-time award to students who intend to pursue a career in medicine as an allopathic (MD) physician. Spring 2017 Information Sheet and Application Details >>.

Sugarbaker Scholarship – for current sophomores, is awarded annually toward tuition over the course of four years – the final two years at Wheaton and the first two at an allopathic medical school. Spring 2017 Information Sheet and Application Details >>.


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